Life Moves On

You see, you think, you feel, you dream, you act, you see from behind your eyes, you are self-aware. One day, it will all be gone, there will be nothing left, nothing – not even blackness, no dreams, no feelings, no nothing, you will not exist, there will be absolutely no more self-awareness, no more you – no way, no how, no nothing, absolutely nothing… or will there?

How will you be remembered or will you be remembered? Will you be remembered as a happy person, sad person, angry person? Will you be remembered as a complainer, a mocker, a loner or a jerk?  Will you be remembered as a good person, a bad person, a true friend, or even a Christian?  Will you even be remembered?

You will not be here to defend yourself, you will no longer exist, you are nothing, no longer is there self-awareness, not one single bit of living essence because you are gone, but you will never know.  There is absolutely nothing left of you or is there?

Your family, your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, everyone will slowly forget you. Life moves on without you. As years go by there will be nothing left to remember, and soon there will be nobody left to remember, you will be totally forgotten in history, even your tombstone will  decay and crumble but life moves on…

So, what about you?

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