Best Antivirus

I was asked at work the other day and was ask what was the best Anti-virus. Thought I would post it here.

All antiviruses will miss things – not one of them is 100 percent perfect. IMO, review sites are worthless since it is not real world testing and very seldom do the different review sites agree with each other.

The best antivirus is the one that works for you. The effectiveness of the ntiviruses is based the specific computer setup including hardware, installed software and online habits.

Most free ones are just as good as the paid ones though you may have to put up with ads, may have to manually update or manually do the scans or only allowed one install per household.

IMO, try different ones and see which one you like the best. Most retail ones will give a trial.

I have tried them all over the years.   Now I use Microsoft Security Essentials when I boot to windows.

One final thing, whenever I am doing online banking, doing risky online searches opening some spam emails that could contain malware, I will use a computer with Ubuntu linux operating system installed on it.    This way I know there is nothing hidden and my personal information will not be at risk.

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