Rain – We got Lucky

Looks like we got lucky in regards to the rain the past few days.  No Flash floods, no tornados, no hail,  no damage other than from straight line winds and heavy rains.   It did get a bit wicked there for a while Sunday and Monday morning.  Kept waking me up since I sleep during the day, but that was the last of the storms in my area.   Most went north or stayed south.    
Unfortunately, not everyone can say the same in the surrounding states and central Arkansas close to Little Rock.   Just keep them in your thoughts and prayers.   The Red Cross is asking for help so if you have some spare change, make a donation,  they can use it at this time.   
And no, I do not work for them.  I mentioned donating to the Red Cross because at least you know the money will help someone, whether it is for this disaster or another.   I just think because of all the charity scams that appears after a disaster, it is best just to donate to the one you know.   
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