Free Water

Thought I would share the following

I had a neighbor walk up to me last Saturday and asked me if I was crazy.  At least he had a smile on his face.:-)

A little background.  I work nights and the nights I don’t work I stay up so my sleep patterns stay the same. It is the only way I found to keep from feeling like a zombie when up.  I do a lot of stuff at night that most do during the day. From yard work to house cleaning. Just about the only thing I don’t do at night is mowing the yard – which might be a good thing – health wise 🙂

This morning, there was a nice rain shower around three am.  So what did I do?  I decided to go outside in the rain and wash my car 🙂 Hey, it was free water from the original source.  I guess my neighbor saw me when he let his dog out. He must have thought the 50+year old fat guy out in the middle of the night washing his car in the rain was a bit touched – oh well.  At least my brown car is white again.

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