Smooth Ride

When I moved into my apartment, the driveway might as well been a gravel road. It was rough with deep cracks, gravel, and sinking in places. It was a rough ride when parking. A couple of weeks ago, my landlord fixed the driveway by having a couple inches of asphalt laid. It is now a very smooth ride.

Also, last fall, my car started having blower problems where nothing blew through the vents. It was driving me crazy because every so often it would work. It would cost almost 500 bucks that I do not have to get it fixed. Then about February, no more problems and I forgot about it, at least, until recently. Last week nothing was blowing again and I still do not have the 500 bucks.

The other day as I was pulling out of the Sandbar grill (an Osceola Restaurant) parking lot, I hit a pot hole and behold, the blower started working again. So it made me wonder. Did all the problems with my driveway keep the blower working? And now the driveway is fixed, will I be having issues again?

Then it got me to thinking, maybe it has to do with life. Sometimes when life is going too smooth, you lost track of or forget who is helping you along. You need some of the bumps, dips, and cracks as a reminder… It may be a rough ride but in the end, it would be worth it..

Just something to think about.

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