Running Linux

Linux is a different operating system with many different distros (styles).  Linux will work just like windows so if you have any common sense the learning curve will be almost non existent. 

If you expect Windows programs to run on Linux, forget it.  Most will not run on Linux without help.  Some will run but must be run through wine or crossroads and to be honest, there can be some major issues.  If you are a gamer, it may be best to stick with windows.  

I run computers using both Linux and windows operating systems and run the exact same programs on both.  I use Open Office suite, which is like Microsoft office, I use Gimp instead of Photoshop, I use Firefox, Chrome and many others that will work on both.  All free.  The only thing I run on my windows computers that I do not run on Linux is anti -viruses and anti-malware utilities. IMO, it is not needed. 

You can run Linux from a USB drive or disc without losing your windows install.  You can also move your install between computers unlike windows which is limited to the computer it is installed on.  

Not too long ago I did a test.  I have two computers that are the same model.  On one I decided to install win7, with all updates, all programs, utilities, and browser add-ons   On the other I installed Linux mint with all updates, all programs, utilities and browser add-ons.  For windows to be completely updated and user ready, it took almost 12 hours.  For Linux to be completely user ready, it took almost 2 hours.   Microsoft needs to take a page out of Linux playbook when it comes to updates, because that was where the backlog was. 

I think Linux is a good operating system to try at least one time.  You might like it.  It is not perfect, but neither is Microsoft Windows.  

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