Christmas Day again

One more time!  Well, this time it really is Christmas Day.  I even checked it on-line to make sure  🙂   Just was not in the mood for it today.  It was raining outside and the street flooded because a storm drain a couple blocks up was blocked by leaves.   I really wish people would rake their leaves more often.  If it rained for another hour, most likely my apartment would get flooded again.  That would not have been a good way to celebrate Christmas.

I guess after Christmas Eve’s goofball mistake, there was not much Christmas spirit left.  Did not have much to begin with.  The weather has been too warm.  Did not even put out yard decorations this year – first time in years.  I did get to see the Doctor Who Christmas special.   My real Christmas dinner ended up being a Pizza Inn personal pizza and a RC Cola from the local convenience store.   Had to get out of the house.

The thing about the Christmas holidays is it brings back old memories from when I was a kid.  From the first Christmas gift I can remember getting (a clown inflatable punching bag) to a tool box (Handy Dandy) I received in first grade.  The toolbox could possibly be illegal today since it had real tools.  I remember using the saw that came with it on the coffee table.   I remember it well, for obvious reasons.   Needless to say, I did not get to keep it.

Oh well, another Christmas gone.  Now on to a New Year.

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