Christmas Day

Christmas morning started out like many other mornings.  Since I live by myself and had absolutely no plans this year, I decided to take it easy.  I decided to sit back and watch tv.   Was watching the first season of Max Steel when I decided I was actually going grill my Christmas dinner since it was so warm.

I fired up the grill and tossed a frozen rib-eye onto it.  Stuck some frozen vegetables in the microwave and had me a nice Christmas Dinner.   Well as nice as I wanted.  Once finished, I went back to my Max Steel marathon.   Late in the evening, I decided to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special.   I could not find it, I panic because I really wanted to watch it.  I tried to get it from different sources but then I realized what the problem was after seeing an ad for it, it was only Christmas Eve.  Man, I am getting old…

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