Amazon Echo

Today, there are so many different devices on the market that is making me lazy.  Where were they when I was younger?  My apartment was connected with TCP connected bulbs where I can turn them on/off anywhere in the world using a smartphone app.  I mean it is so easy to sit on the recliner and turn the lights on/off as needed,  It is great and it was all the convenience I needed.   A few months later, I purchased a wifi thermostat just so I can adjust the temperature from the recliner.  Again, I thought it was all the convenience needed – or so I thought.

Then back in 2014, Amazon came out with a new device called the Amazon Echo.  It was a black tube with speakers and micrphones shaped like and about the size of a pringles can.   The sole purpose of it was to make it easier to do things around the house such as turning on/off lights, play music, answer questions, create shopping lists, play the latest news/weather, and more with just a voice command.  When I first saw it advertise at Amazon, I did not give it a second thought.  I felt there was no need for it.

In June, 2015 came around and I read some more reports about the Amazon Echo.  The price when up but had to reserve one while it was still in beta.  After reading more about it, I reserved one.  Two weeks later,  I wished I had purchased it sooner, it was great!   The only problem was, the TCP connected lights could not connect to it, they were not compatible.  In fact, there were only two light bulb brands the Echo was compaible with.

I was disappointed  and started looking for other solutions.  Try Wemo wall switches but, did not have neutral wires on any of the wall switches.  Try Wemo bulbs, but they were not compatible.   The only solution I could find was using Wemo insight switches for all the lamps and other devices like the tv.

A couple of weeks later there was an announcement the Wink was now compatible with the Amazon Echo and since the TCP connected bulbs was compatible with the Wink, it was perfect! And it was great!   Now every light in  the apartment can be turned on via voice.  One disadvantage is when there are guests, they will use the wall switches.  Once the switches are turned off, they must be turned back on before using the  Echo.

At this time, unfortunately, it is still not compatible with the wifi thermostat,  However, I can honestly say I cannot live without it.   I have gotten used to asking about the weather every morning.  I have gotten used to telling it to add items to my shopping list.   I have gotten used to telling it to turn on the lights as I walked in the door.   I have gotten used to telling it to turn off the lights and tv as I am walking out the door.

I have just gotten used to it.

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