Recipes for the Echo

I have been reading in different Amazon Echo forums about users wanting is the ability to use recipes.  It would be great to have a recipe read to you that can be paused as needed while preparing a meal.   The following is my suggestion of how it could be done.

First you must download audio files for different recipes from different websites or create your own. Be sure to read the sites’ terms to make sure there would not be any copyright violation. Fortunately, most will allow for personal use.  Another way is to create your own recipes audio files.  There are various ways of creating your own from using text to speech if you do not want to use your own voice or just reading it yourself and record. Each recipe must have its own mp3 file.

Once you have a collection of recipes, you can create a menu which would work like chapters. For example. create a mp3 and name it beef,  then, add the titles of all your beef mp3 recipes to it. When you command the echo to play beef. It will read all the titles of your beef recipes until you hear the one you want, for example, if you want beef casserole but not sure what you called or just browsing. first command the echo to play the beef audio file.  When it reads beef casserole, just pause or cancel and command the echo to play the beef casserole audio file. Do the exact same steps for other categories like pork, chicken, finger food, snacks, desserts, etc…

Once the mp3 files are created, upload them to your Amazon Music Library account.  It is as easy as that.

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