Shopping Lists and Technology

Over the years, my shopping lists have evolved from scrap pieces of paper to using a smartphone.  When I first purchased my smartphone I was able to create my shopping list on it using a stylus and a note taking app.  Made it easy to use since I was able to cross it out as I picked out the item.  A disadvantage was using in one hand to hold the phone, getting the item, and cross the item off my list.  It was awkward at times and was always afraid of dropping the phone.   I did not want to lay the phone on the cart because it would be a tempting target for some thief.

Then I purchased the Amazon Echo.  I found the echo was perfect for creating shopping lists.  It was simple calling out the items you need as you use them or as you are going through the cabinets to see what you were out of.  The only real disadvantage was using the list when you got to the store.  Sometimes the echo app was slow opening the list.  If using IFTTT to get the shopping list via email, it would be slow in receiving it or unable to access because the phone could not receive a signal inside the store.   Again, there was the problem of holding the phone, picking the items, and crossing the item off the list.  It was still so awkward to use – but it worked better than scrap paper.

Then I purchased a smartwatch, a gear s2 classic to be specific.  Was looking through IFTTT recipes to see if there was a better one for shopping lists and I saw a text message one.  Since the gear can pick up text messages, I decided to give the IFTTT recipe another try.  Now before leaving for shopping, I checked the echo for the shopping list.  By the time I got to the store, I received the messages and was able to use the list on my smartwatch with ease.   The only disadvantage so far is not being able to cross items off the list.   I can live with that.

Technology – how can we live without it these days.

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