Mississippi River Flooding

Several weeks ago, the Mississippi River was rising to historic levels in Missouri, Illinois and other states.  Since I lived downstream, it was cause for concerned.   I lived in a small town on the Mississippi River protected by levees.  My apartment is little over a mile from the river on flat terrain.   Though the forecast was not predicted to be as high in 2010, it was going to be close.   There was going to be major flooding and with that, there is aways a possibility of the levee breaking.

At first, they forecast the crest to be in the top three ever.   Every time I heard the siren once the river rose to major flood stage, I stopped whatever I was doing to listen if it was an emergency vehicle siren or if it was a continuous one indicating a possible levee failure.  The only thing that worried me was, what would I do if the levee failed – especially since I cannot swim.    If the levee broke, the river would flow miles on the flat terrain.

Anyway, the river finally crested and it was not near as high as they forecast.  The crest was not even in the top 10.   Though this happened a couple of weeks ago, this was an unusual winter flood.  I sure hope does not mean the river will be a problem in May when the river is almost always in flood stage.   Oh well, life goes on.


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