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Mississippi River Flooding

Several weeks ago, the Mississippi River was rising to historic levels in Missouri, Illinois and other states.  Since I lived downstream, it was cause for concerned.   I lived in a small town on the Mississippi River protected by levees.  My … Continue reading

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Shopping Lists and Technology

Over the years, my shopping lists have evolved from scrap pieces of paper to using a smartphone.  When I first purchased my smartphone I was able to create my shopping list on it using a stylus and a note taking … Continue reading

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Recipes for the Echo

I have been reading in different Amazon Echo forums about users wanting is the ability to use recipes.  It would be great to have a recipe read to you that can be paused as needed while preparing a meal.   The … Continue reading

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Amazon Echo

Today, there are so many different devices on the market that is making me lazy.  Where were they when I was younger?  My apartment was connected with TCP connected bulbs where I can turn them on/off anywhere in the world … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Another one down and a new one to start.  Was up at midnight, went outside and watch some fireworks.  Heard a lot of gun shots too.  Just hoped they were not too close to where I live.  What goes up, … Continue reading

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